4G Mobile Review and Guide

4G installation

Over the past few weeks, I have been trialling 4G mobile services from both Vodafone and O2. I would like to thank 4G specialist 4G National Broadband for providing me with the 4G subscriptions, 4G router and a high-gain antenna. Mobile broadband has clearly come a long way, and I’ve found that 4G delivers performance that is similar to a decent fixed fibre broadband connection.

I’ve been particularly surprised by three main aspects. Firstly, that indoor 4G coverage is available to 99% of UK homes. Secondly, that 4G tariffs with large or unlimited data allowances are now surprisingly affordable. Thirdly, that there’s a lot you can do (for example, with positioning of your 4G router) to improve speeds.

You can read my new 4G guide here:

Review of 4G Mobile Broadband and Guide to Increasing 4G Speeds