Hi Andy

Lovely to hear from you, and I hope this format comes through OK. It’s been a funny year, but MUCH better than last year.

We (finally) managed to get away on holiday. Sadly, our Mexico holiday was cancelled/postponed, so we went to Spain instead on our wedding anniversary.

We also had a week in Oxford with the girls, and lots of trips to Norfolk (I had never been before even though it is so close).

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford (Aug 2021)

Punting on the River Cherwell, Oxford

Cromer Beach, Norfolk (Sep 2021)

Morston Quay, Norfolk (Sep 2021)

We’ve been doing lots of walking and we’ve recently purchased a Peloton bike to get more fit. We have so many holidays delayed into next year, including Stockholm and Corfu (with the girls), Kos and Florence. Fingers crossed that we’ll finally get to these places.

We tried to do something a bit different this year. We all went to Silverstone for the F1 Grand Prix (brilliant as we are all fans) and attended the Battle of Britain air display at Duxford. Following a poor year for photography in 2020, I certainly made up for it in 2021. Don’t tell Alison about all the new lenses! If you are interested, you can see more photos here:

Mark Heath Photos

View of Vale from Hospitality Grandstand at Silverstone (Jul 2021)

Oscar Piastri in Prema F2 Car at Silverstone (Jul 2021)

Rebecca graduated with her Masters this year. We are still waiting for Bethany’s graduation in Durham.

Churchill College Cambridge Degree Ceremony MPhil (Jul 2021)

Rebecca continues with her PhD and has been given a teaching position in St John’s College, which she is delighted about. She is really happy, and so am I as she gets me in to various things at the College! For example, we both recently attended the live Radio 3 broadcast of their Advent Service, which was wonderful.

St John's College, Cambridge

Rebecca now also supervises undergraduate economics students at King’s, Fitzwilliam, Corpus Christi, Homerton and Robinson Colleges. I can certainly see her staying at Cambridge following her PhD as she loves it. Rebecca is now living with Conor in student accommodation (who is also doing a PhD), and they seem very settled. Rebecca and Conor are currently in France skiing. Rebecca comes home soon, and Conor is coming here for New Year.

We don’t recognise Bethany, who used to be an introvert! She has thrown herself into her Cambridge experience and is loving every moment.

Bethany has been elected onto the Christ’s College MCR Committee. She is rowing for her college (I recently went to take photos of a rowing competition) and she also coxes the men’s boat.

It’s lovely that Alison and I are able to pop over to Cambridge to see them both, as Durham was a long distance away. It meant that we could take her out for a meal on her birthday last week, which was lovely.

Alison is still working hard at Papworth Pharmacy. It’s been a challenging period but she still loves what she does. She is still the Chair of the Cambridgeshire Pharmaceutical Committee, which keeps her out of mischief.

It has been an eventful year for my work. Thankfully, things are returning to normal for the team building company I support. I was speaking to a friend at the beginning of the year about what I did and he asked if I could help him develop his business by marketing it online. We started our venture in March and have just generated our first £1 million additional turnover. We are now working hard to expand beyond Cambridgeshire to surrounding counties for 2022. It’s also been a great year for my Increase Broadband Speed website, which continues to expand in terms of traffic and revenue. This month, for the first time, US revenue exceeded that from the UK so I will have to start spelling things differently!

Incidentally, following our local campaign, we managed to pull off bringing FTTP to our tiny village, so I’m now getting 1 Gbps download speed! I’ve been helping lots of villagers and towns across the country to try and do the same thing for them.

I am sure I’ve forgotten lots of stuff, but this is already a lot longer than it should be.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. It’s always lovely to see your photos and, in particular, how close you are with all your family.


All the best for 2022,