Disney Plus Increases UK Bit Rates to Match the USA

The great news is that Disney has substantially improved its bit rates to match its US streaming service and Disney Plus now looks and sounds much better in the UK. The images shown are photographs taken of a Sony 77-inch OLED TV. In general, the higher the bit rate used, the better the picture and … Read full article

Best Broadband Routers and Wi-Fi Access Points for 2020

I’ve been steaming ahead producing new content for my Increase Broadband Speed site. I’ve now revised my Which Broadband Modem Router Guide, which covers the key capabilities you need to maximise broadband speed. As I’m always asked to recommend equipment to buy, I’ve also produced two new ‘best buy’ guides: – Best Routers For 2020 … Read full article

Reviewing Sky’s New Ultra HD HDR Service

It’s finally here – High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Sky’s Ultra HD (4k) service – and it looks amazing. HDR makes pictures more vivid and realistic, with more intense colours and, for many viewers, HDR makes more difference than the extra resolution provided by Ultra HD. It’s not good news for everyone though as some … Read full article

Launching the New Increase Broadband Speed Guide

Technology inevitably moves on and my current focus is performing a major update of my Increase Broadband Speed website. It’s a huge job and will take many months. Last week, a new WordPress theme was installed, with lots of technical changes behind the scenes to make the site run faster. One of the most important … Read full article

Photographing VE Day in Spaldwick

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, VE Day was a somewhat different affair to the one that may have been envisaged many months ago. However, despite the restrictions currently in place, villagers where I live made a tremendous effort decorating their homes to commemorate VE Day. On the 8th May 1945 – 75 years … Read full article

Recording ‘The Swan’ by Saint-Saëns

One of the most popular, and beautifully romantic, organ pieces is ‘The Swan’ (or Le Cygne) by the French composer Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns, who composed the piece as part of his Carnival of the Animals in 1868. Apparently, The Swan was the only movement from The Carnival of the Animals that the composer allowed to be … Read full article

Reviewing the Sony ‘Holy Trinity’ of Prime Lenses

Back in the days that I used a Canon full-frame DSLR camera, many fellow photography enthusiasts who used prime lenses had (or wanted) the so-called ‘Holy Trinity’ of lenses. These were much-sought-after prime lenses that, between them, covered the vast majority of typical photography assignments, including weddings. Most considered that a combination of fast 35mm, 85mm … Read full article

Recording ‘Nimrod’ from ‘Enigma Variations’ by Edward Elgar

‘Enigma Variations’ is one of Edward Elgar’s most famous orchestral works and ‘Nimrod’ is its most recognised melody. On its website, Classic FM describes Elgar’s Enigma Variations as “one of the greatest pieces of the 19th century”, and I certainly do not disagree with that. Below I recorded myself playing a version for church organ. … Read full article

Learning to Play the Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ

What a strange period we are experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world. It is having dramatic social and economic impacts, and causing people to be on ‘lockdown’ in their homes. While the pandemic is having an adverse financial impact on friends, I am loving the lockdown period for other reasons. It’s delightful … Read full article

Photographing Spaldwick in Spring and the Effects of Coronavirus

Working from home in a rural Cambridgeshire village, I have noticed the massive effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of villagers have been on lockdown in their homes. Schools and key local businesses (such as the village pub) have closed, and there has been a dramatic reduction in road traffic. During this time (as … Read full article

Reviewing the Disney Plus Streamed TV Service

As an AV enthusiast and broadband advocate, I’ve been very excited by the rapid roll-out and take-up of TV streaming services. These have increased consumer choice and introduced Ultra HD 4k content and Dolby Atmos sound. Disney has just launched its Disney Plus service in the UK and at the great price of £5.99 per … Read full article

Photographing and Videoing the Transformation of Manor Farm in Spaldwick

How amazing Manor Farm is looking currently. After speaking to Richard Johnson, Manor Farm is being prepared for being sold, although the Coronavirus pandemic is causing a great deal of uncertainty. Richard’s face was full of pride. I’ve agreed with Richard to take some internal photographs shortly. Here are some external photos from my latest … Read full article

Videoing Angie Collins Singing ‘Broken’ in 4k

Local songwriter Angie Collins came in so I could video her performing a song she wrote, called ‘Broken’. While I have recorded several songs (sound only), it was nice to capture visuals as well. While sound recordings allow you to use large-condenser microphones, room treatment and portable isolation booths for better sound quality, video can … Read full article

Photographing for Posterity

I am currently building up an online library of old photographs of the village where I live so that these amazing images can be shared as widely as possible. Thank you to the people and local museums that have provided these. These images have proved immensely popular, being viewed about 50,000 times in the last … Read full article

Recording Angie Collins Playing Piano

Known to many people in the local area, Angie is the regular pianist at our village Christmas carol singing event and teaches music at the local school. Angie also composes her own songs, being influenced by Carole King, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. I recorded two pieces on a Yamaha P-515 piano (replicating the Yamaha … Read full article

Hitting the Milestone of One Million Views of Spotlight Photographs

I really enjoy working with Graham and Sarah Wilkinson (below) at Spotlight Productions – which is a youth musical theatre group based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. I’ve now taken photos of several productions. Graham and Sarah are an inspiration and have made such a difference to young people in the area. To date, they have put … Read full article

Photographing Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire

The National Trust describes Anglesey Abbey as a Jacobean-style house with gardens and a working watermill. Over 100 acres of grounds contain a range of gardens and walks, which were laid out by Baron Fairhaven in the 1930s. This includes popular rose and dahlia gardens that house a large number of varieties. The Lode Water … Read full article

Reaching the Milestone of Ten Years of ‘Serious’ Photography

Time has flown so quickly. While it does not seem that long since I bought my first Digital SLR camera, it’s now ten years since I became ‘serious’ about photography. I purchased my first digital SLR camera back in 2006 (the Canon 350D), and I had just one lens – the Canon 50mm f1.4 – … Read full article

Recording Mark Sturdy Singing ‘Hey There Delilah’

I’ve known Mark Sturdy for many years and have seen his and my family grow up in the same village in Cambridgeshire. I’ve regularly taken photos of Mark and his band, and these photos were taken at two of the earliest occasions, both back in 2012. I’ve seen Mark perform ‘Hey There Delilah’ on several … Read full article

Photographing Cambridge

As one of my favourite cities, Cambridge is relatively small, with a population of about 129,000, including 25,000 students. With the clear influence of its world-renowned university, Cambridge possesses a host of cultural must-sees and beauty spots. I love visiting the city with my camera. I am delighted that some of my Cambridge photos have … Read full article

How Many Megapixels are Enough on a Camera?

I always try to capture images is as high as resolution as possible – not really to display on mobile phones and today’s display technology but for posterity. In many years, display technology will have advanced rapidly and those images that look fine today on a small screen will look distinctly blurry, noisy and lacking … Read full article

Reviewing the BBC’s Ultra HD 4k Content on iPlayer

As with any AV enthusiast, I relish being able to watch (and listen to) TV in the best quality possible – to see exactly what the Director intended. In general, a huge amount of work in put in behind the scenes for TV programmes and movies, with incredible attention to detail. To help bring viewers … Read full article

Photographing the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

On this blog, I like to feature interesting places to visit in the Cambridgeshire area. My younger daughter absolutely adores museums so we recently visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. To be honest, I saw the trip as a bit of a photography challenge as interiors can be very dark. The Fitzwilliam houses a collection of … Read full article

Photographing Weddings

With the proliferation of mobile phones, it seems that many people are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to capture their lives. It is reassuring that many still opt to capture ‘big’ events such as weddings with high-quality camera equipment so they have something great to look back on. In decades, the display technologies available will … Read full article

Seizing the Opportunities from Chromakey Video Capabilities

In video production, ‘green screen’ (or Chromakey as it is more accurately termed) provides amazing opportunities to be creative and overcome the challenges of finding (and lighting) appropriate real-life backdrops. Many films rely upon Chromakey to avoid the need to travel to specific locations or to create imaginary worlds. Chromakey can be very useful for … Read full article