Average Monthly Broadband Usage to Triple by 2025

Mark Heath photoOver the next five years, average home monthly Internet usage in the UK will triple from its 2019 level, surpassing 1 TB per month by 2025, as shown in my forecast shown above. This growth, which is in line with usage growth predicted for the USA, will be primarily driven by TV and video services delivered via superfast and ultrafast broadband networks.

This traffic growth will have profound implications for many broadband users, which include:

  • the need to upgrade to ultrafast (> 100 Mbps) broadband services
  • the need to upgrade home WiFi capabilities (and use cabled Ethernet connections more)
  • the need to mitigate bufferbloat.

You can read the full article on my Increase Broadband Speed site here:

TV and Video Will Triple Average Home Monthly Internet Usage to Beyond 1 TB By 2025