Reviewing the BBC’s Ultra HD 4k Content on iPlayer

Mark Heath photoAs with any AV enthusiast, I relish being able to watch (and listen to) TV in the best quality possible – to see exactly what the Director intended. In general, a huge amount of work in put in behind the scenes for TV programmes and movies, with incredible attention to detail.

To help bring viewers improved picture and sound quality, the BBC has been trialling its new Ultra HD (4k) service through iPlayer, and it has looked spectacular. Many people do not realise that they are able to receive these ‘test’ broadcasts on their smart TVs.

The BBC has been offering 4k versions of ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ and ‘Dracula’. The photos shown were taken of my own TV screen, so looked even better in person. I’ve created an information page on my Increase Broadband Speed site for anyone interested in finding out more:

BBC iPlayer Ultra HD (4k) Demonstrates Amazing Picture Quality

As described in my recent article Superfast Broadband Fuels Streamed Video-on-Demand Services, the widespread roll-out of superfast broadband is fuelling a transformation in the availability and take-up of Ultra HD services, including services offered by Netflix, Amazon, Sky and Apple. You can read my recent review of Apple’s new TV+ service here:

Review of Apple TV+: Apple’s Streamed Service Leads the Pack in Picture Quality

I will shortly be reviewing the new Disney+ service when it launches on the 24th March 2020. It will offer a broad range of Ultra HD content. It’s a tremendously exciting time for AV enthusiasts.