Bird Photography with the Sony 200-600mm Lens and 2021’s Challenge

European Robin

The Sony 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 lens is a popular choice among wildlife photographers. As a personal photography project for the rest of 2021 (and to make full use of my new Sony 200-600mm lens), I have set myself the challenge of photographing birds in my garden. I want to see how many varieties I can capture during the year. Please keep checking in on my bird gallery here:

2021 Garden Bird Photography Challenge | Mark Heath Photography

The Robin (shown above) has been regularly voted as the nation’s favourite bird. Below is a photograph of a Dunnock, which is a quiet and unobtrusive bird.


The photograph below shows a House Sparrow (left) and a Greenfinch (right). I was surprised to find out that the House Sparrow has suffered a significant decline in numbers in the UK and is now red-listed as a species of high conservation concern.

House Sparrow (left) and Female Greenfinch (right)

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