Photographing Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough is home to the beautiful Peterborough Cathedral, which is well worth visiting. Following an accidental fire in 1116, Peterborough Cathedral was rebuilt in its present form between 1118 and 1238. The highlights of Peterborough Cathedral include: the dramatic hanging crucifix, which frames the choir stall the spectacular central tower the new building ceiling, with … Read full article

Easter TV Service at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge

While I have loved attending services and concerts in the Chapel of King’s College Chapel on many occasions, one event has stood out. My daughter – who was an undergraduate there at the time – was able to secure tickets to the BBC ‘filming’ of the Easter service that is broadcast by the BBC in … Read full article

Photographing ‘Sister Act’ Cast in Spaldwick Church

In order to produce some interesting publicity photos for the production of Sister Act by Spotlight Productions, we decided that it would look great to have photos taken in a real church. Spaldwick Church was the venue for a photoshoot with the Sister Act cast, and I think the photos certainly add character. You can … Read full article

Photographing Young People Perform in Stageworks Concert

In order to get more experience with stage photography, I volunteered to photograph a dress rehearsal of a show put on by Stageworks, which is a specialist performing arts college in Cambridgeshire that offers classes and full-time college course in acting, singing, dance and musical theatre. The event took place at the Performing Arts Centre … Read full article

Photographing ‘Legally Blonde’ for Spotlight Productions

My daughter Bethany I enjoyed photographing the dress rehearsal of Legally Blonde by youth musical theatre group Spotlight Productions. I’m not sure if I should admit this or not but I really love the 2001 film Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon, and so I was really looking forward to the Spotlight Productions version. It was … Read full article

Photographing ‘Disco Inferno’ by Spotlight Productions

I was delighted to photograph the dress rehearsal of Disco Inferno, produced by Spotlight Productions. I was assisted by my daughters. You can view all the photos here: Gallery of Disco Inferno Photos   Other pages you may be interested in: Other Posts About Spotlight Productions

Photographing ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ from Spotlight Productions

I enjoyed photographing the dress rehearsal of Singin’ in the Rain by Spotlight Productions, at the Performing Arts Centre in Huntingdon. You can view all the photos here: Singin’ in the Rain Photo Gallery   Other pages you may be interested in: Other Posts About Spotlight Productions

Photographing the Spaldwick Fete

As a regular photographer of our local village fete, I love taking ‘snaps’ of local people and musicians and performers taking part. Here are a few of the photographs. You can view all the photos here: 2014 Spaldwick Fete Photo Gallery

Photographing ‘Les Misérables’ by Spotlight Productions

I was having a conversation with Chris Abington, and he mentioned that he was drummer in Les Misérables being put on by a local youth musical theatre group based in Huntingdon called Spotlight Productions. I wondered if they would be interested in me taking photos and I got in touch with Graham and Sarah Wilkinson. … Read full article

Photographing Tina May in Concert

In July 2012, I was the official photographer at a concert by Tina May, an award-winning jazz singer. Tina is an English jazz vocalist who has recorded several albums. For more information, visit Tina’s website: Tina May Website

Photographing Saxology in Concert

I photographed the Saxology Jazz and Swing Saxophone group in July 2012. For more information, visit their website: Saxology web site.

Photographing the The HuMS Big Band

It was a glorious day in July 2012, when I photographed the Huntingdonshire Music School Big Band at a concert in Grafham. View more photos

Photographing the 2012 Spaldwick Fete

In 2012, I photographed my local village fete and the band performance, featuring Spaldwick’s Mark Sturdy and Mark Hunter. View more photos

Photographing ‘Magic of the Musicals’ at Kimbolton Castle

2010 was the year where I became an ‘official photographer’ for a stage event, when I photographed a highly successful concert held at Kimbolton Castle that raised significant sums of money for charity. It represented my first attempt at stage photography. Singing were Kate Roberts, Helen Patching, Nathan Taylor and Stephen Weller. The band included … Read full article

Making a Start with ‘Event Photography’

2010 represents an appropriate date to start my personal blog – when I had my early experiences of ‘event photography’, photographing my local village fete. Looking back, although these were far from my best photos, if I had not taken them there would be nothing to mark the event and remember the people involved. I … Read full article