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Improve your broadband connection by reading Mark Heath’s guides and well-proven advice on the Increase Broadband Speed website, which has been visited by millions of people from across the globe. With a technology research background, Mark has advised telecoms operators, manufacturers, governments, and financial institutions across the world on the commercial opportunities from many different technologies. Developing expertise in website development, Mark has increasingly focused on championing technologies online, producing information and guides that are accessible to all and not just big corporate companies. To get in touch, please Contact Us.

Telecoms specialist and author

With over 30 years of experience in telecommunications, Mark provides advice on broadband and telecoms issues. He writes articles on his Increase Broadband Speed blog about major broadband issues.

After graduating with B.Sc and Ph.D degrees in Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds in 1986 and 1989, respectively, he spent six years in research and development at BT’s Adastral Park, developing technology and publishing widely. He then moved to O2, with responsibility for O2’s network investment plan, and also attained an MBA from Henley Management College, graduating as top student. He then moved to Nokia (Networks), where he ultimately became responsible for strategy and business development across Europe, Middle East and Africa. In October 2001, Mark co-founded telecommunications consultancy Unwired Insight Limited.

As an experienced author, Mark has authored or co-authored over 50 reports on key telecom topics including 4G, mobile broadband and the future of the telecoms industry. For a full list of Mark’s publications, visit:

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Improving broadband across the globe

Before superfast broadband, many areas within the UK suffered from very low speeds. Living in a rural village, Mark struggled with poor speeds, which made it difficult to work from home. He implemented a number of techniques to improve his connection and shared these on his local village website. These pages became so popular that Mark had to move them to a dedicated website – called Increase Broadband Speed – which had much more capacity.

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Mark has developed the site over time and it has now been visited by millions of people across the world seeking help to improve their broadband speeds. If you are looking to improve your broadband speeds, please visit:

Increase Broadband Speed website


To get in touch, please contact Mark.