Guide on How You Can Halve Your Heating Costs

In the last few weeks, I have expanded my guides for households looking to significantly reduce their heating bills. Here’s my latest guide for those with oil heating: Top Tips to Halve Your Oil Heating Bills, and Increase the Value of Your Home   While the heating cost savings achievable with each individual tip are … Read full article

Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valve Installation Across Cambridgeshire to Cut Bills by 31-40%

Smart thermostat on the wall

Among the practical options to reduce heating bills for households, installing a combination of smart thermostat and smart radiator valves represent a cost-effective upgrade to a gas or oil-fired central heating system that can pay back within a few months. I am really pleased to be working with Rob Hutchins to provide an affordable smart … Read full article

Launch of Heating Guides to Save Money


In March 2021, I announced an online partnership with Paul Braybrooke Limited. After a successful first year, we are expanding our geographical online reach beyond Cambridgeshire to include parts of Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. While there is the option to expand even further, our preference is to remain local to deliver an extremely … Read full article

Online Partnership with Paul Braybrooke in Cambridgeshire

Paul Braybrooke

I really enjoy applying cutting-edge web development techniques and technologies to help local businesses to compete with national (and often) global competitors. As reported in my recent article The Increasing Importance of Website Speed and Simplicity, the introduction of website speed as a key factor in Google’s search engine ranking algorithm in 2021 brings major … Read full article