Online Partnership with Paul Braybrooke in Cambridgeshire

Paul Braybrooke

I really enjoy applying cutting-edge web development techniques and technologies to help local businesses to compete with national (and often) global competitors. As reported in my recent article The Increasing Importance of Website Speed and Simplicity, the introduction of website speed as a key factor in Google’s search engine ranking algorithm in 2021 brings major … Read full article

A Showcase of Website Speed For Google Ranking Advantage

Spaldwick website

I am nearing completion of a major redevelopment of the Spaldwick village website, to demonstrate the ‘art of the possible’ in terms of website speed and responsiveness. With Google changing its search engine ranking priorities, the days of slow, bloated websites are thankfully coming to an end. I first launched the website for the Cambridgeshire … Read full article

The Changing Significance of Mobile Devices For Websites

With my Increase Broadband Speed website being in existence for many years now, analysis of usage statistics (using Google Analytics) has revealed many interesting trends. Perhaps, the most striking trend over the years has been the increasing access to the website by mobile devices. Figure 1, below, shows the proportion of sessions delivered to different … Read full article

The Increasing Importance of Website Speed and Simplicity


2021 will be a very important year for website developers, and change brings opportunity. There is a lot of research to show that users prefer websites that are quick to load and which deliver a good experience. There’s a reason why Google’s search site looks so simple and loads so quickly. For a company worth … Read full article

Launching the New Increase Broadband Speed Guide

Technology inevitably moves on and my current focus is performing a major update of my Increase Broadband Speed website. It’s a huge job and will take many months. Last week, a new WordPress theme was installed, with lots of technical changes behind the scenes to make the site run faster. One of the most important … Read full article