Dr Who Fans Will Be Delighted With its Move to Ultra HD

The BBC has bolstered its Ultra HD (4k) content on iPlayer with the introduction of a number of programmes, including ‘A Perfect Planet’ and ‘Dr Who’. While streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and Apple TV+ have been providing a broad range of 4k content for some time now, it’s great to see the BBC ramping up its Ultra HD content. With the Olympics set to be broadcast and streamed in 4k this year, the rapid growth in 4k TV sales is set to continue.

The highlight has to be the new ‘A Perfect Planet’ series. The picture quality is simply incredible. Anyone viewing the series on a 4k TV will never want to go back to the washed-out HD version that is broadcast conventionally. ‘Dr Who’ fans will be delighted that its special on New Year’s Day was selected for Ultra HD treatment and Daleks have never looked so good.


Given that you pay your licence fee whether you watch HD or 4k content, watching 4k programmes on an Ultra HD TV is a no-brainer. The difference with good content is just night and day.

For more information and help on how you can access BBC 4k programmes, visit my new article:

‘A Perfect Planet’ and ‘Dr Who’ Demonstrate 4k HDR at its Best on BBC iPlayer but We Want More

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