Helping to Improve the UK’s Wi-Fi Speeds One Step at a Time

Mark Heath photoI cannot think of another area to Wi-Fi where performance claims exceed the reality experienced by broadband users by such an extent. With so many people connecting every device to Wi-Fi, inadequate Wi-Fi performance often masks the underlying (often excellent) performance of a broadband connection.

I’ve just written a new Wi-Fi speed enhancement post on my Increase Broadband Speed site, which tackles one of the most popular questions asked on online forums:

What is a Good Signal Level or Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Wi-Fi?

The article shows that dramatic drops in speeds are part and parcel of how Wi-Fi has been designed to operate. If you are trying to provide excellent Wi-Fi speeds and reliability across all your home with a single Wi-Fi router, I am sorry but it’s not going to work well everywhere, and there will be zones with no/poor service. The article provides real-life measurements in a family home to demonstrate this and to demonstrate how multiple Wi-Fi Access Points can hugely improve performance. So, please pause a while before you go on to blame your broadband service for the erratic speeds and drop-outs that you may have been experiencing. It’s very likely to be your Wi-Fi.

This article is one of a number of articles I am writing about Wi-Fi, as Wi-Fi will become increasingly important as we move towards ultrafast broadband services.