Best Broadband Routers and Wi-Fi Access Points for 2020

Mark Heath photoI’ve been steaming ahead producing new content for my Increase Broadband Speed site. I’ve now revised my Which Broadband Modem Router Guide, which covers the key capabilities you need to maximise broadband speed. As I’m always asked to recommend equipment to buy, I’ve also produced two new ‘best buy’ guides:

Best Routers For 2020

Best Wi-Fi Access Points For 2020.

Router diagram

From my experience as a Broadband Champion, helping people with their broadband problems online and face-to-face, apart from poor connection speeds, there are two major issues that significantly degrade broadband speeds and quality. These are:

  • poor Wi-Fi coverage and set-up
  • bufferbloat.

My guides help you to address these two issues directly, by properly setting up and optimising Wi-Fi and implementing bufferbloat mitigation. These will generally have a huge, positive impact.


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