FTTP Installation Phase Begins in Spaldwick as Gigabit Speeds Near

Mark Heath photoIn my blog post back in October 2020, I wrote that Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) would be coming to the village of Spaldwick in Cambridgeshire as part of a new demand-led Openreach pilot. Following the excitement of the success of the local campaign, there has been little to see as part of the initial ‘Survey’ phase. The project has now entered the much more visually thrilling ‘Installation’ phase. As part of this, it has been very interesting to see the underground fibre cables being installed, right next to my house!

Cable Pulled Through - High Street (2 Mar 2021)

While we have no definitive ‘go live’ date at this stage, progress is certainly being made. Once FTTP arrives, with download speeds up to 910 Mbps, this will open up a huge range of opportunities for the testing of services and equipment – to significantly bolster the help I can give to broadband users through my Increase Broadband Speed website. It will also be fascinating to see the effect of ultrafast broadband on how people live and work.

Fibre Cable Fed Through - Ivy Way (2 Mar 2021)