Seizing the Opportunities from Chromakey Video Capabilities

In video production, ‘green screen’ (or Chromakey as it is more accurately termed) provides amazing opportunities to be creative and overcome the challenges of finding (and lighting) appropriate real-life backdrops. Many films rely upon Chromakey to avoid the need to travel to specific locations or to create imaginary worlds. Chromakey can be very useful for corporate videos and I find I leave my Chromakey screen up permanently. With care, results look very different to the tell-tale signs of fuzzy edges on old sci-fi TV programmes, for example. Below are two examples of videos produced with Chromakey.

The first video was produced for team building events company Creative Team Events for use on the front page of its website, and features Director Lisa Hunter. It was recorded in Ultra HD 4k using a Sony camera and with studio lighting used to evenly light the presenter and the backdrop. A suitable studio backdrop allowed integration with various video feeds. Autocue was used to minimise stress for the presenter.

The video below was created for Creative Team Events to promote a brand new team building activity called Animate. The video features Nathan Taylor. It was also recorded with a Sony Ultra HD 4k camera and several different backgrounds were used. Advanced video editing allowed the integration of various video feeds and interviews recorded on mobile phones.


For more information about Creative Team Events and the activities they offer, visit:

Creative Team Events website