Photographing Beautiful Vienna at Christmas

Heart Tree in Vienna, Austria (Nov 2022)

At this time of year, I wanted to share some seasonal images from my latest visit to beautiful Vienna for the Christmas Markets. You can view my public images here:

Photo Gallery of Vienna and Christmas Markets  |  Mark Heath Photography

You can also view some other Christmas images here:

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I took along the spectacular Sony 50mm F1.2 GM lens, and I’m so glad I did as it created such beautiful bokeh, which gives images such a unique, almost surreal, look, as shown in the images below. Being an F1.2 lens, this can capture scenes with very low light levels without adding noise, making it perfectly suited to the location.

Christmas Street Stall, Vienna, Austria (Nov 2022)

Horses in Vienna, Austria (Nov 2022)

Christmas Decoration Stall, Vienna, Austria (Nov 2022)

Kauffmann Organ in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria (Nov 2022)

The Strauss Monument in Vienna, Austria (Nov 2022)

You can view more photos taken with this incredible lens here:

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