New 8k Sony A1 Camera Provides Huge Flexibility to Capture Video

Sony is intent on maintaining its global number one position in mirrorless cameras with the launch of its new professional flagship camera – the Sony A1. As well as providing incredible capabilities for capturing still images (taking up to 30 50-megapixel images every second), it also provides the ability to capture video in 8k resolution without overheating.

With 4k TVs (and 4k content) only just becoming widespread, some may wonder whether 8k video capture is really necessary. However, this is missing the point. Capturing 8k images provides huge flexibility to crop video and still produce video with 4k resolution for display on 4k TVs. As shown in the quick video I produced with my new Sony A1, above, in the first part of the video you can see the unaltered 8k video footage. Then, in the second part of the video, I have applied several effects (slow zoom-in and cropping) that were created ‘in post’ using my editing package (Final Cut Pro X).

Using my 61-megapixel Sony A7R IV camera, I’ve always appreciated the ability to crop still images in the editing phase and still retain superb detail in the resulting cropped image. Now, videographers have the same flexibility for video by using 8k cameras. With the Sony A1, it is possible to crop/zoom in to an area just one quarter the area of the original 8k footage and achieve 4k resolution. As long as the best lenses are used, results are incredible. 8k video is definitely the future!