New Business Partnership with Cambridgeshire Heating Limited

Mark Heath photoI am delighted to announce a business partnership with Cambridgeshire Heating Limited and the launch of its new ultra-fast website. Following continued success with Paul Braybrooke – who is now the leading specialist in oil heating across East Anglia – the new partnership targets Cambridgeshire homes who currently have gas heating.

I am very pleased to be working with Liam Peacock, a specialist in gas heating who has many years of experience, and a range of other specialists. To visit the new website, click on the following link:

Cambridgeshire Heating Website

Cambridgeshire Heating Limited

Given that speed and performance are now used to rank websites by Google – because website visitors don’t want to be waiting around – it’s more important than ever that websites are built and optimised for speed. As can be seen from the GTmetrix analysis below, the new site is ultra-fast, scoring a performance score of 100%. The site is optimised for mobile devices as many customers will access the site via their mobile phones. Using the latest web technologies, the site provides images in the AVIF and WebP formats, which provide incredible compression of images without affecting quality. It is served from a dedicated VPS server using PHP8.1 and HTTP/2 for maximum performance.

Website performance

It is such a confusing and expensive time currently for many households trying to understand the best way to heat their homes, and Cambridgeshire Heating aims to provide clarity and guidance, based on long experience and real facts. Households are being faced with substantial gas and electricity price rises and things could get worse for many. Government support in the form of its Energy Price Guarantee and additional financial support to households will end in their current form in April 2023. Some analysts are predicting that the price cap could reach over £4,000 a year for a typical household. As well as big changes in energy pricing, uncertainties over new, greener heating technologies, such as air source heat pumps, are making it very difficult for households to decide what to do to reduce heating bills in the short and longer term.

Cambridgeshire Heating is here to help, with concrete solutions that pay back very quickly. For example, Cambridgeshire Heating offers ultra-efficient replacement gas boilers to substantially reduce heating bills for homes across Cambridgeshire. It also offers a range of system enhancements, including smart thermostats and replacement radiators with thermostatic or smart valves, to minimise heating bills. As well as reducing energy consumption, these are proven to add value to homes, being the most profitable home improvements available.

With air source heat pumps expected to play a more significant role in the coming years, Cambridgeshire Heating aims to be Cambridgeshire’s market leader in the installation of affordable heat pump technology. In the short term, rather than encouraging households to swap out their existing heating systems, it sees a major opportunity from combining existing gas or oil heating with air source heat pumps installed only in rooms that are regularly used to achieve ‘the best of both worlds’ affordably. They also provide the extra benefit of super-efficient air conditioning in summer.

To get in touch directly, please contact Cambridgeshire Heating.