New FTTP Full-Fibre Broadband Installation Guide

FTTP installation

The introduction of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) – often known as ‘Full-Fibre Broadband’ –  in my local area will kickstart the production of lots of new content on my Increase Broadband Speed website. My new article (below) details what’s involved in an FTTP installation, with lots of photographs. An FTTP installation is usually relatively straightforward and quick, and leaves you will an ultra-reliable broadband connection with ultrafast speeds and low latency.

FTTP represents the best broadband technology available, but is not yet available widely. In its Connected Nations Update For Spring 2021, Ofcom reported that full fibre broadband reached 21% of UK premises in January 2021. 

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What’s Involved in an Openreach FTTP Full-Fibre Broadband Installation?  |  Increase Broadband Speed