Photographing the Wedding of Vicky and Matt

Although photography is strictly a hobby for me (as being professional would take out all the fun of photography for me), I’ve ended up photographing a number of weddings over the years for family and friends. I have often complemented the professional photographer by taking candid shots.

Recently, my next-door neighbour Mick asked me to take some informal, candid photographs at the wedding of his daughter Vicky, to supplement the photographs taken by the professional photographer. Being home from university, Rebecca and Bethany were able to take photographs too, so it became a fun family project. To view the photos, click on the following link:

Photo Gallery of the Wedding of Vicky and Matt  |  Mark Heath Photography

Bethany and I also went to Catworth the day before the wedding to take photographs of the church and flowers. On the morning of the wedding day, Rebecca and Bethany went round to take informal shots of everyone getting ready. Later, we took photographs of the wedding party setting off for the church.

We then waited outside the church to capture guests as they came out. Between us, we used an impressive set of cameras and lenses, which included:

  • Sony A1 camera (Sony’s latest flagship)
  • Sony A7R IV camera
  • Two Sony A7 cameras
  • Sony 135mm F1.8 GM lens (long-reach specialist portrait lens)
  • Sony 90mm F2.8 macro lens (for flowers in the church)
  • Sony 85mm F1.8 lens (portrait lens)
  • Sony 50mm F1.2 GM lens (specialist wide portrait lens)
  • Sony 24mm F1.4 GM lens (wide-angle lens)
  • Sony 14mm F1.8 GM lens (specialist ultra wide-angle lens for church shots).

Church of St Leonard, Catworth

We hope that the happy couple – Vicky and Matt – will have a long, happy life together.