Photographing Weddings

With the proliferation of mobile phones, it seems that many people are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to capture their lives. It is reassuring that many still opt to capture ‘big’ events such as weddings with high-quality camera equipment so they have something great to look back on. In decades, the display technologies available will be far superior to those available today.

Although I’ve been asked many times to take photographs of weddings, I find the thought of photographing such events quite stressful. A wedding is such an important day for those taking part and there is, normally, no margin for error. I prefer taking photos when I am relaxed and enjoying the process. While I have taken photographs at some occasions for friends and family, it has been in the context of taking candid shots, ideally to supplement the results of an ‘official’ photographer.

While it is lovely to capture bride and groom in relaxed poses, often it is capturing treasured family members in good spirits that provide some of the greatest images for posterity. I am always anxious before viewing the images I have taken but I’ve always been happy that I pushed beyond my comfort zone to take the images in the first place.

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