Reviewing the Disney Plus Streamed TV Service

Mark Heath photoAs an AV enthusiast and broadband advocate, I’ve been very excited by the rapid roll-out and take-up of TV streaming services. These have increased consumer choice and introduced Ultra HD 4k content and Dolby Atmos sound. Disney has just launched its Disney Plus service in the UK and at the great price of £5.99 per month.

Because of the coronavirus crisis, UK streaming providers have reduced bit rates to lessen their load on the UK’s broadband infrastructure so the service currently does not look or sound as good as it should. However, the service is certain to prove popular among families isolating in their homes and with children not going to school.

I have produced a review below (which will be updated when bit rates return to ‘normal’):

Review of Disney Plus in the UK: shame about the picture and sound quality

Disney Plus screenshot

Disney Plus