At Last, Sky Launches Movies in 4k Ultra HD HDR Format

Sky HDR screen

Just in time for Christmas, Sky has provided viewers equipped with 4k TVs with an early Christmas. It has released a raft of 4k Ultra HD movies in High Dynamic Range (HDR) format. There’s an impressive choice of movies from the outset but I hope Sky will eventually upgrade all remaining HD titles to Ultra HD HDR format.

To many viewers, HDR makes more of a difference than increasing resolution from HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) to Ultra HD (3840 x 2160). With HDR, the brightest whites in an image are much brighter and colours are much more intense and vibrant. Read my full article on my Increase Broadband Speed site:

A 4k HDR Christmas Present from Sky: movies go HDR with Dolby Atmos  |  Increase Broadband Speed

One of the biggest challenges for viewers is to make sure their Sky Q box and TV are set up correctly for the new service. For help, please visit my updated guide:

Set Up Guide For Sky Q Ultra HD (4k) and HDR  |  Increase Broadband Speed

Harry Potter on Sky

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