Launch of Heating Guides to Save You Money

Mark Heath photoIn March 2021, I announced an online partnership with Paul Braybrooke Limited. After a successful first year, we are expanding our geographical online reach beyond Cambridgeshire to include parts of Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. While there is the option to expand even further, our preference is to remain local to deliver an extremely responsive service to customers – which is a key differentiator for the business. Paul Braybrooke Limited is now the best rated heating company in the region, and customer service excellence and responsiveness will remain a top priority. To visit Paul’s website, go to:

Paul Braybrooke website

Save money

To reflect the the cost of living challenges faced by so many households in this period, I have produced some guides on the Paul Braybrooke website  to help save money on heating costs. These can be accessed here:

Paul Braybrooke Heating Guides


Some recent, popular examples are:

Where and When to Buy Heating Oil to Save £100s Per Year

Replacing Your Existing Oil Boiler with an Ultra-Efficient Model Can Save Over £20,000

Replacing Your Boiler in the Most Profitable Home Improvement According to GoCompare

Replacing Radiators Can Add £10,000 to the Value of Your Home and Cut Heating Bills


More guides will be added in due course.