Videoing Angie Collins Singing ‘Broken’ in 4k

Mark Heath photoLocal songwriter Angie Collins came in so I could video her performing a song she wrote, called ‘Broken’. While I have recorded several songs (sound only), it was nice to capture visuals as well. While sound recordings allow you to use large-condenser microphones, room treatment and portable isolation booths for better sound quality, video can be easier to share with others, particularly on social media.

The video was recorded with four Sony 4k Ultra HD cameras, using broadcast-standard Aputure LED lights. The piano was the Yamaha P-515. Vocals were recorded using a Neumann KMS 105 stage microphone into an Apogee digital interface at 192kHz 24 bit sampling.

To hear recent recordings of Angie playing piano, visit our article:

Recording Angie Collins Playing Piano