Video recording, editing and production

Video is becoming increasingly important to stand out online. Fed up of seeing dreadful mobile phone video footage, with awful sound? If you do what everyone else does, you’ll get average results. We cost-effectively achieve high production values through the smart use of Ultra HD (4k) cameras with high-quality lenses, broadcast-quality lighting, professional audio equipment and microphones, and chromakey. We aim to provide 4k and 8k videos of the highest technical quality, including sound quality (which is often overlooked but can often be even more important than picture quality). Video is edited with industry-standard Final Cut Pro X. We develop successful YouTube channels and host videos too. We also produce training videos of the highest quality. With video, and particularly with chromakey, you are limited only by your imagination. This page shows examples of recent video projects, which demonstrate a range of styles and capabilities. For more information, please Contact Us.


Studio recording with Chromakey and autocue (4k)

The video below was produced for team building events company Creative Team Events for use on its website and social media. It was recorded in Ultra HD 4k using a Sony camera and studio lighting. Chromakey (green screen) was used to provide a suitable studio backdrop and to enable integration with various video feeds. Autocue was used to minimise stress for the presenter.


Video interviews with Chromakey and special effects (4k)

The video below was created to promote a brand new activity for team building events company Creative Team Events. It was recorded in a studio with a Sony Ultra HD 4k camera, using Chromakey green screen capabilities and several different backgrounds. Advanced video editing allowed the integration of video interviews recorded on mobile phones.


Spotlight Theatre Highlights (4k)

This video was produced to showcase a not-for-profit youth musical theatre group called Spotlight Productions. Not only did it provide a great memento for the young performers and their parents, it also provided material to promote the group through social media, YouTube and the group’s website. This was recorded using Ultra HD 4k video cameras using specialist lenses optimised for low-light conditions to minimise noise. View more videos and photos from Spotlight Productions.


Songwriter Angie Collins singing ‘Broken’ (4k)

This video captures Cambridgeshire songwriter Angie Collins singing ‘Broken’, a song she composed herself. This was recorded using four Sony Ultra HD 4k cameras, using broadcast-quality lighting. The piano used was the Yamaha P-515 (emulating the Yamaha CFX grand piano) with the Neumann KMS 105 stage microphone.


Superfast broadband (4k)

The video below was produced for Connecting Cambridgeshire, and features an extended interview using multiple 4k cameras. Additional capabilities used included motorised sliders and integration with computers.


Photo slideshow with a church organ recording of Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’ (4k)

This video demonstrates putting together a slideshow of photographs with an audio recording. Mark Heath plays ‘Nimrod’ (from Elgar’s Enigma Variations) on the Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ (emulating the Harris organ in Salisbury Cathedral).

If you would like more information about video recording, editing and/or production, please Contact Us.