Welcome to the Blog

Mark Heath photoHello and welcome to my blog. In it, I describe some of my recent activities.

Photography has been a lifelong hobby and passion for me. I purchased my first Digital SLR camera – the Canon 350D – in September 2006, and have always been keen to seize the opportunities from new camera, lens and processing technologies to improve my photographs. While I still take most of my photographs with Sony A7R V and Sony A1 cameras paired with G Master lenses, I am tracking smartphone developments closely and currently enjoy taking photos with my iPhone 15 Pro Max. By giving insight from my experiences, together with sample images, I hope to help fellow photographers. Recently, I have started to investigate the exciting opportunities from true High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, which is set to revolutionise the world of photography. For more information (and samples), visit my True HDR Photography page.

Please feel free to view my public photo galleries, provided in full resolution, JPEG format:

Mark Heath Photo Galleries

True HDR photo galleries are coming as soon as SmugMug supports new image formats, such as AVIF.

While focusing on photography, this blog also covers my other activities. I have developed the popular Increase Broadband Speed website to help broadband users increase their speeds. By taking early advantage of the latest broadband technologies, including Fibre-to-the-Premises Gigabit broadband, Wi-Fi 6E and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, I am keen to share my experiences to help guide other broadband users. I also run a portfolio of websites and Google ad campaigns for heating and renewable energy businesses in East Anglia. As part of this, I am building up an understanding of the most important developments, realistic timescales and how these developments will affect consumers. In the blog, I identify any guides or information that may be useful to people beyond the current geographical reach of my businesses.