Dr Mark Heath

Mark HeathMark is a technology specialist and author, having over 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry. He started his career in research and development at BT’s Adastral Park. He then went on to strategy and business development roles in O2 and Nokia. He co-founded telecoms consultancy Unwired Insight. He also co-authored over 40 reports assessing the commercial impact of emerging technologies, published by Analysys Mason.

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Having developed his own websites over many years, Mark has expertise in web development, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. Mark helps commercial and not-for-profit organisations develop their online presence, with revenue-sharing partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses across Cambridgeshire. He has particular expertise in, and knowledge of, the energy sector.

In his spare time, Mark founded the Increase Broadband Speed website to help people improve their broadband speeds. The site has been visited by millions of people worldwide, with more than a quadrupling in the number of visitors in the past year. Mark was awarded a volunteering award from the UK Prime Minister for his work on community broadband.

Mark has enjoyed photography for many years, strictly as a hobby and strictly for fun, and you can view his Photo Galleries. Mark tries to regularly update his blog, which provides information on recent projects and activities.

For photographic ‘assignments’, Mark is often joined by his daughters, and fellow photography enthusiasts, Rebecca and Bethany.


Rebecca Heath

Rebecca Heath tries to do as much photography as she can between studying, and enjoys taking photographs of university events. She is currently in the second year of her PhD at Cambridge University, and is a College Teaching Associate at St John’s College.

After graduating from King’s College, Cambridge with an Economics degree in 2019, she undertook an MPhil in Economic Research at Churchill College, Cambridge and was awarded the Møller Masters Scholarship.

In October 2020, Rebecca commenced her PhD studies at Cambridge, as part of the Microeconomic Theory Research Group. She is undertaking research involving the mathematical analysis and modelling of online behaviour on social networks. Rebecca has been awarded the three-year Møller PhD Scholarship and the Vice-Chancellor’s Award, which is awarded to the 250 highest-ranked students across the University.

Rebecca supervises undergraduate economics students at St John’s, King’s, Fitzwilliam, Corpus Christi, Homerton and Robinson Colleges. In October 2021, Rebecca became a College Teaching Associate at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Rebecca is part of the Churchill College MCR Committee and writes for student newspapers The Tab and Varsity, and has also written for The Cambridge Student. She recently founded the Churchill Mallard – the new student newspaper of Churchill College.

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Bethany Heath

Bethany Heath enjoys photographing a range of subjects while at university.

In October 2021, Bethany commenced her studies at Christ’s College, Cambridge towards a PhD in Biostatistics. Fully funded by the Medical Research Council, Bethany is undertaking research on COVID-19, in the University’s School of Medicine.

Bethany graduated with a First Class Masters degree in Mathematics (MMath) from Durham University. Bethany was awarded a Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholarship at Durham. As part of this, she undertook research on dementia, investigating the link between level of education and the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Her systematic literature review identified a clear benefit from education, potentially opening the door to the development of brain training applications to reduce the risk of getting the disease. For her final year project at Durham, Bethany modelled the spread of coronavirus in student households to identify optimum isolation periods and testing strategies.

Bethany is a member of the Christ’s College MCR Committee. While at Durham, Bethany headed the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and is very keen to encourage more women into maths and science.

In her spare time, Bethany enjoys maths tutoring. As well as volunteering at a local school, she has supported Rotary International by remotely tutoring two orphans in Zambia – Kelvin and Choolwe – through their maths degrees. Bethany currently supervises maths undergraduates at Gonville & Caius College. Bethany also enjoys rowing, and is part of the women’s crew of Christ’s College.

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