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Photo of Mark HeathDr Mark Heath is a telecoms and IT specialist, based in Cambridgeshire, UK, and has over 30 years of experience in the telecoms and IT industry. With expertise in web development and developing online content, he is a key influencer on broadband, with millions of visitors to his Increase Broadband Speed site. He also partners with Cambridgeshire businesses to drive their online sales, with particular expertise in the development of ultrafast websites, Google Ads and search engine optimisation. Mark devotes as much spare time as possible to his passion for photography.

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Website Development

With many years of developing commercial websites, Mark has partnerships with small and emerging businesses across Cambridgeshire on a revenue-sharing basis, providing their websites and online presence. Areas of particular expertise are: development of ultrafast WordPress websites, using the very latest web technologies development and ongoing management of Google Ads campaigns creation of compelling content

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Broadband and IT Advice From a Technology and Broadband Specialist

Improve your broadband connection and home/office network by reading Mark Heath’s guides and well-proven advice on the Increase Broadband Speed website, which has been visited by millions of people. With a technology research background, Mark has had many years of experience in developing and/or championing new technologies. He was instrumental in many market ‘firsts’, including the launch

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Photography and Videography

Mark Heath supports his web development and broadband activities with state-of-the-art photography and video capabilities. Mark has many years of experience with still photography. View his photo galleries below. Mark also produces videos with high production values using state-of-the-art 8k and 4k HDR cameras. Reflecting the critical importance of sound quality, Mark also records sound in

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Mark Heath’s blog provides information on recent projects and activities. Subjects include broadband, home/office networking, website development, photography and videography.

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